Witchingseason are an English rock band, formed in Essex in 2014 by guitarist/vocalist Tom Reynolds, then drafting in brothers; seasoned drummer Wayne Summers and blues session musician Gary Summers, who now form the hard rock trio, widely known for their dark, hypnotic noise, with songs like Spiders, the Healer, and Codeine.

Their latest album; Celosia, has attracted critical success, with airplay on BBC Radio 1's Daniel P Carters Rock Show, DBS station Planet Rock and their debut music video on UK's Scuzz TV.

They are widely known for their energetic and intimidating live performances.  The aggressive rhythm section of Wayne Summers (Drums) and Gary Summers (Bass) sets the tone, and with Tom Reynolds's gruff, passionate vocals and screaming, dirty guitar this has propelled the band into the spotlight, leading to their music being well-received by critics and generating rave reviews for their album; Celosia.

Their latest single; ‘The Healer' showcases the bands macabre and ethereal low-fi sludgy sound, with heavy, impressive, gasoline-drenched guitars and doom sensibilities, teamed with fierce drum beats and stitched together with Reynolds' coarse and captivating vocals.

Since its formation, Witchingseason have released 3 singles, 2 EP's and their debut studio album; Celosia, aswell as a music video for the single; 'The Healer'.

They are currently working on their second studio album, due for release in 2018.