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Glowing like a neon sign above the last open bar of the apocalypse, London power trio ‘Witchingseason’ are equal parts hypnotic, menacing and exciting.

‘If you ever hear anyone say there are no ‘real’ Rock bands around anymore, you’ll be able to aurally slap them in the face with this blisteringly raw stylistic offering.’ - A&R Factory.

They kick up quite a storm. Categorised as 'dark alternative rock' the album rumbles and growls its way through 11 tracks that go from the controlled aggression of Takes One To Know One, to the textured Keep On Moving with enough contrast overall to guarentee listener interest. Its hooky stuff sometimes looking back to the best pop from the punk era, sometimes creeping towards modern prog. a very promising debut. For fans of Foo Fighters, The Stranglers”

Start Me Up - Guitarist Magazine